Welcome to “FREE WIFI WORLD”

Welcome everyone! Our whole purpose for creating this site is to make it easeir to find all things WIFI! One site with all the info, links, and “how to” tutorials/videos all in one web portal! What we have here is simple……… a collection of sites, info, tutorials, videos, compatible adapters, and software that i have acumilated over the last few years of learning myself! For some reason most out there want to keep this to themselves…….. you ask a simple question in a forum and your typical responce you will get is “google it……. learn it yourself!…….if it was easy everyone would do it!” . My question is “WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY?”

This site is a work in progress!  ……………. Email us with any suggestions, we would also be happy to help out with any technical issues you are having if we can!